How should Christians respond to the issue of the confederate flag?

Ben Shoun, Brett Moore, & Jared Belcher

A debate has heated up over the last few weeks as to the implications of the confederate flag. What are some Biblical reasons for Christians to take a stance on this issue, particularly for southerns? In this episode, Ben Shoun, Brett Moore, and Jared Belcher discuss this and other sensitive topics of race.


Since our original posting of this podcast, ongoing dialogue has pointed us toward some wisdom in offering a few clarifications:

1. Arrowhead Church has no official position on this matter, as it is not the position of local churches to offer official stances on cultural questions unless explicitly addressed in Scripture or plainly interpreted from Scripture.

2. We request you pay close attention to the distinction between the flags addressed in the episode and in the background information provided in the links provided, as there is distinction to be made between the Battle Flag (commonly referred to as the "Confederate flag") and the flag designed by Thompson and referenced in the episode. We regret any confusion caused by too closely associating the two.