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Technology and Black Mirror

Rob Smith at Desiring God brought up a good point - in this age, we are often asking “Can we do this?” Before we ask “Should we do this?” In the Netflix show, "Black Mirror," different visions of the future are presented to consider how the way we currently use technology could lead to some very dark places. We continue our discussion on technology against the backdrop of Netflix's dystopian show.

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Keeping Technology in its Proper Place

Many of us feel like we watch too much TV, or spend too much time on Instagram, or feel too anxious when we're without our phone - compulsive use of technology can be not only unhealthy, but positively draining. Last year, Andy Crouch published a helpful book called, "The Tech-Wise Family," which explained how to use technology in a healthy way. Today, using Andy Crouch's book as a spring board, we dissect 6 ways to keep technology in it's proper place.

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