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How Often Should I Confess Sin?

A reader wrote in and asked, "How necessary it is for Christians to confess sin?" Should you confess every day, every hour, or just on a sin-by-sin basis? What happens if a Christian doesn't confess a sin? In this episode, we examine the purposes of confession and the role confession plays in the protestant view of faith. 

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What is the "Unforgivable Sin"?

If you've ever read Matthew chapter 12, you may have some concerns when Jesus talks about a sin that will not be forgiven. What is the unforgivable sin? Is it something you do or something you say? These questions actually come from a deeper question for the Christian- is it possible for us to disqualify ourselves from salvation? In this episode, we explain this passage of scripture and offer some encouragement to fellow believers. 

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Is the Bible Enough?

Jesus loves me this I know.  The song conjures up memories of vacation Bible school, Sunday school classrooms, and early church experiences.  It might be the first theological statement may of us ever make.  But is it enough? Can the faith of our childhood answer the questions of our grown up lives?  Does our experience in the world demand more?  Can I stand firm simply because the Bible tells me so?

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