Day 17: Freeing our church's finances

*Note: If you’re fasting with us, you should know that day 3 of any fast is often very difficult. This should be expected! Especially if you are abstaining from any food, be prepared for a battle. Be strong! If you do give in, give yourself grace and pick back up where you left off.

As part of the ATWC Stewardship Campaign, all of us are giving for a common goal. This goal is larger than facilities and new churches, new strategies, and even missions. The goal is for the gospel to spread. Currently, our church facility is financed through a loan in the amount of $2.5 million. This monthly mortgage payment is in the neighborhood of $15,000/month. This money is well spent on a place where so many worship and grow, and while this amount isn’t crippling to our church family at all, having that burden removed would free us much more for rapid kingdom expansion. Pray the Lord would free up more and more finances for mission into other parts of our community and world!

Today’s Bible reading: Acts 10:1-33


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