Day 2: Establish me in your Word

One of our core convictions as a church is that God speaks through His Word. In these 21 days, one of our primary concerns should be to establish or reestablish a regular pattern of hearing from Him in those pages.

If you were at Almost Every Man or Almost Every Woman last Tuesday, you got an outline on how to get started in regular time in His Word. If you weren’t there, those notes are here.

Each day of the 21 will include a reading from the Book of Acts. Make sure you use these readings to establish a routine today that will continue for at least these 21 days to allow time to read these chapters in the Bible.

Today, ask Him to deepen your hunger for His Word. Take what He’s spoken to you as you read and find a way to continue to think upon it as you go through your day.

Today’s Bible reading: Acts 2:1-13

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