Day 12: The next generation

Pray that in our church kids and students would meet Christ and that parents would embrace their calling to disciple them to maturity in Christ. (Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 145:4, Psalm 78)

Ask the Lord to show us as parents our calling and equipping to make disciples in our home. Pray for vision to see our kids as part of a generation that will change the world because of their passionate love for Him and the disciple-making mission of God.

Pray for our ArrowheadKids staff - Brett Moore and Cathi Armstrong. Pray also for the over 100 volunteers in our church who faithfully love and teach kids each week.

Pray for our student ministry - Fuse. Ask God to bring about Acts 4:31 in their lives and in their ministry. Revival has historically begun in the lives of teenagers, and we believe He can do it again.

Today’s Bible reading: Acts 6:8-7:16

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