Don't Miss the Party

On January 18, 2009, Arrowhead Church held its first service in Rose Center in downtown Morristown. Since that day, each year on the third Sunday of January, we celebrate the work God has done at Arrowhead and cast vision for the years to come - and we celebrate with an all-out party. 

Our 6th birthday on January 18, 2015, will be no exception. We have a TON planned for that Sunday, so you won't want to miss!

We will also begin to reveal our vision for the next few years in a campaign we're calling Almost The Whole City. This campaign will provide a look at how our church can best make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus in the East-Tennessee area. Don't miss! 

Get Hyped

Watch Last Year's Video (5th birthday)

What difference does 5 years make? For many people at Arrowhead, five years made all the difference in the world.