Week 2 - Justice

by Jamison Price


Before we can fully grasp the wonder of the gifts of grace and mercy, we should first understand our human state without them. We should understand fully the idea of justice in our lives. Without Jesus, we would stand before God the Father guilty and justly condemned to death. God is a just judge and the judgment we deserve is eternal punishment and separation from Him. But then enters Christ, Emmanuel, God with us. 

Like the Savior He is, Jesus entered the courtroom where we were being justly sentenced to death and He set us free. The sentence of punishment wasn’t overturned, rather Jesus took the sentence for us. Christ’s coming to earth as a child should fill us with a sense of worship and thankfulness. Because as Christ came, so did our freedom because He absorbed the justice that was demanded because of our sin. The gift of Justice has arrived, given on our behalf.

Justice has led to our victory. And this victory has led to the hope that all mankind can hold tightly to.


Read Matthew 12:15-21

During Christmastime we get excited about all the gifts and good things that are delivered to us. Whether it’s activities, traditions, or gifts, there are so many things that we’re excited about. Sometimes what we miss out on is realizing the fact that the very best things that we could ever be given have already arrived. Through the arrival of Jesus Christ in our lives we’ve been given many things, and with the arrival of Jesus comes the arrival of Justice in our lives.

Justice is one of these great gifts that’s already arrived. We have all sinned and disobeyed God. Because of that, we deserve to be punished. We have lots of names for Jesus. And one of those names is “judge.” The job of a judge is to bring justice to those who have done what is wrong. And God would be right in punishing us and separating us from Him forever, because that is what we deserve.

We are sinners and we need a savior. And when Jesus arrived on earth as a baby, our Savior arrived. When Jesus came, He didn’t come with the wrath of God to punish us and bring justice upon us. And Jesus didn’t come in anger or violence to those on the earth. Jesus came in peace and instead of bringing justice on us, He brought justice for us. Now, because of Jesus, we are free. The gift of Justice has been delivered. This is one of the greatest gifts we could ever be given because it means that we can stand before God, the Judge, and be seen as innocent.


Set up your living room like a courtroom you would see on TV. Have one person play the judge, one person be the witness on the stand, and one person can act as the lawyer. Everyone else can sit in the jury box. Act out what you think would happen in a courtroom to prove someone’s guilt. Encourage everyone to be as dramatic as possible. Then, have the person acting as the judge slam his gavel down and dismiss the case, proclaiming the witness on the stand innocent. Explain, “This is what God did for us. He heard all of the evidence presented against us that proved we rightfully deserved punishment and He instead chose to put guilt on His Son, Jesus, and set us free. Christmas is when that plan started. Jesus had to be born as a man before He could take the punishment of men. Let’s thank Him for that.”


Have someone in your family pray specifically for God to give you an understanding of how He has saved you. Pray that during this Christmas season you would be filled with so much joy because you understand that when Jesus came to earth, He was doing so to set you free. Pray for everyone around you, ask God to reveal to them the true reason He sent Jesus to earth and pray that they wouldn’t be distracted by Christmas events, but would truly meet Jesus during this season.

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