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An advent guide for adults and families

Lucy from A Charlie Brown Christmas said exactly what many of us are thinking: "Look, Charlie, let's face it. We all know that Christmas is a big commercial racket." In many ways, that's not wrong! But even as Christmas becomes more materialistic and busy in our culture, we can pause the holiday bustling and focus and what really matters - Jesus. Advent is a time for us to take a few minutes each week leading up to Christmas and remember the significant gifts of God's son.  

This year, our staff have written an advent guide for both adults and families. Each week includes a devotion, a prayer, Scripture, a family Christmas carol, and a family activity - each of which is intended to direct us all back to Jesus. This guide is available for you to download as a PDF using the orange button below. You can read it on your phone, computer, or print it out at home. The guide begins the week of November 26 and ends on Christmas Eve.