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Ben Shoun

Lead Pastor

I see a day when we as a church so impact our community and our world that people describe it as revival that only the Lord can bring about. I dream a lot about Acts 13:44 and what it would look like for almost the whole city to gather to hear God’s Word.

Ben Shoun grew up in Morristown and left the area after high school graduation. He and his wife, Sara, moved back in 2008 as Arrowhead began to form. He and his wife were the original church planters and with the help of a small team, they launched Arrowhead Church on the third Sunday in January in 2009. 

As lead pastor, Ben is the primary teacher on Sundays and provides the overall vision for the church, alongside of our staff and Elder board. His goal is to see people learn to hear directly from God in His Word and to follow Him into an intentional lifestyle of mission.

Ben shares a wonderful life with his wife, Sara, whom he describes as "the most fun human being in the world." He enjoys family time with his kids, Eli (7), and Sally Beth (4). Ben is also a Vol fan and he enjoys to run from time to time. And despite all other comments, he's actually 6'2".