Jordan, Sabrina, and I love to make the graphics, videos, merch, and social posts for our church - but we know sometimes staff would rather make those small creative pieces themselves. We've heard that, especially when it's last minute, it would be helpful if you were able make a small creative project without us. We love that! In fact, we'd like to help you and your ministry make small, creative content more easily, more often, and with greater confidence.

You know when you want to:

  • Make a simple, one-time graphic to send to parents about an upcoming AKids event?
  • Post on social media about a change in schedule?
  • Make a small promo video?
  • Write a blog post about that thing people keep talking to you about?
  • Take pictures of your event?
  • Make announcement slides (Fuse/AKids/Greeneville)?
  • Update outdated information on the website?
  • Make a story video for your ministry?

What if your team could do some of those things really easily, no creative request needed? We want you to know how to do that!

In the future, we'd like to better equip staff, interns, and their core volunteers with the skills they need to develop (some) creative content themselves. Our creative staff will, of course, continue making content for your ministry! But we want your team to have the knowledge and freedom to better communicate, too.

Our hope is to develop some training that is beneficial to both campuses and all ministries at Arrowhead.

But we need your help.

We need you to provide us some feedback on this idea and let us know- would any communication training be helpful? If so, what, and for whom?

We don't yet know what this will look like. We also don't know everything about these topics - but we think we can step in and help. Help us formulate the best solution by filling out the form below!


Thank you, team,