2016 Reading List

As a disciple of Christ, it's important to dwell on His words. It's vital to sharpen your mind and ready your spirit with the beliefs and doctrine that align with God-breathed and God inspired scripture. More than any other book His word is where we should look to know God, there is no text more important. So consider putting the Bible at the top of your 2016 reading list. Part of living near to Christ is having communion with Him each and every day. One way we do this is by setting time aside to posture our minds and spirits on Him, if only for a few minutes. We often refer to this time as "devotional" or "quiet" time. As cliche as it is, when you commit to doing this consistently you'll find it provides strength and endurance in your relationship with the Lord. During that quiet time, reading books and articles written by pastors of our day and be theologians of the 1800s is a great tool in helping us draw near to the heart of God. The following lists are all books, articles, or devotionals that i've had the opportunity to read. God has used each of them to teach me, challenge me, and encourage me. I hope that you'll find the same strength I have found from pursuing the Lord through these texts. 

Follow along with the Bible reading plan created by Arrowhead Church. Download the PDF here: Arrowhead Church Bible Reading Plan

Spiritual Growth Books 

  • The Explicit Gospel - Matt Chandler
  • To Live is Christ to Die is Gain - Matt Chandler
  • Look and Live - Matt Papa
  • What is the Gospel? - Greg Gilbert

Life Application Books

  • Garden City - John Mark Comer
  • Life on Mission - Dustin Willis | Aaron Coe
  • Evangelism - J. Mack Stiles



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