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Real life is found in knowing God personally. The God who made you wants time with you, and He wants that time to be full of life so that you are filled up to live for the rest of the day with Him. If you desire to take consistent steps of spiritual growth, we believe the most important piece of continuing to hear from God about what He wants you to believe and do is to spend focused time with Him every day. The reason we don’t is usually because we don’t know where to start. 

Usually we don’t know where to start. 

The Daily5 is a simple guide for daily time with God. All you have to do is pick five of the activities below and you are off and running. We encourage focused, undistracted commitment each day to make sure you choose at least one of the five. Some days you may do two or three or four, but each of these are designed to take five minutes, thus giving you a simple method to spend about 25-30 minutes with God each day.


My Daily5 Activities

Every day, choose 5 options below for 5 minutes each.


Listen and Worship.

Music has a way of opening our mind and heart to the presence of God. Take advantage of technology and find good worship music. The best way to start is to listen to one song from the Arrowhead Worship playlist on Spotify. Simply listen or sing along and then move to

Pray a Psalm.

There are 150 Psalms in the Old Testament. Start at 1 and turn the words into a prayer. Every time you read a statements about God, replace His name with “you” and simply pray to Him. Each time you read the writer of the Psalm making a statement about himself, turn it into an “I” statement. 

Daily5 Reading Plan.

Online and on our app, there is a simple, short devotion written by an Arrowhead staff member or leader. Read that devotion for today and the portion of Scripture it lists, then reflect on the answers to the questions that it asks. 


Read a Book.

Reading a Christian book has a way of getting our mind rolling. The Lord often uses authors to spark our thinking and help us hear his voice. Find a book you can read a page or two at a time, and do not pressure yourself to read it fast. Some books are written to be read this way (start here: New Morning Mercies, My Utmost For His Highest), but you can read any book just a few pages at a time. If you need help finding one, please feel free to ask.

Rehearse the Gospel.

Jesus has done everything to reinstate our friendship with God. Remind yourself that there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ. Remind yourself that you are not defined by your sin. Asked the Lord to show you how much He loves you no matter what you’ve done. Take a few minutes to slowly think about these truths. Somehow even though we know them, our hearts have a way of forgetting them every day.

Write It Down.

Take some notes. Write out your answers to the Daily5 questions or write out a prayer for yourself or someone else about what you’ve read. If you’re going through a season of struggle or celebration, journal your thoughts as a record of what the Lord is teaching you.


Pray in Circles.

Learn to keep a prayer list. Draw concentric circles, and put yourself and your personal requests in the center. In the next circle out, put your family members and close friends. In the next one, put your church and its ministries and missionaries. In the next, put those around you who don’t know Christ and ask the Lord to save them. Pray over all of these people, or choose a few to pray for each day of the week. Then take time to think through your day and invite the Lord to work in each conversation you’ll have.

Memorize a Verse.

Begin to keep a list of verses that jump out at you. It may be that the Lord wants you to learn this truth! Maybe you hear a verse in a sermon or on the radio, or maybe one really convicts you as you read the Daily5. Write it on a note card and read it several times until it sticks. Then review that verse tomorrow and begin to keep a stack of cards you can review over time.

Be Thankful on Purpose.

Make a list of 5 people or 5 things you are thankful for. Nothing fights the negativity of our day like gratitude. Thank God for them! 


Encourage Somebody.

Who did the Lord bring to mind as you prayed today? Who’s going through a hard season? Who are you especially grateful for today? Take time to text them or write them a handwritten note to tell them. 

Read the Old Testament.

Most of the Daily5 Reading Plan entries are from the New Testament. Pick up the Old Testament and begin to read it as one story. Read for as much time as you have, beginning in Genesis.

Add a Proverb.

Add a Proverb a day. There are 31 Proverbs, so whatever day of the month it is, read the one with that number. You can do this every day or anytime you like. 


Memorize a Chapter.

Memorize consecutive verses or a passage. No spiritual activity has the power to change the way you think like memorizing Scripture. Choose a favorite paragraph or chapter and work on it in a focused way or while you go about your day.


Let's Get Started

Enjoy this! There are no rules. You may take more than five minutes on one block. You may choose the same ones regularly, or you may shake it up. We recommend choosing each one at least once a week. It doesn’t matter what order you do them in. However, some may find it most helpful to either listen to music or read a book before digging in deeply in prayer or Bible reading. As you learn and grow you will develop preferences for certain blocks or for doing them in a certain order. It is good to both continue to do what works well and also not to get too stale or routine.

After sitting down with a Bible or Bible app, simply ask the Lord to speak to you today. Ask Him to reveal any sin that is separating you from fellowship with Him and take time to confess it. Rest assured of His forgiveness and get ready to hear from Him.