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About the book

These days, when you sit down with your children and attempt a family Bible study or Scripture memorization program, it can feel downright overwhelming. Sometimes, it can feel superficial rather than supernatural when you try to communicate with a child about the Gospel. That's exactly why Pastor Brett Moore wrote Gospel Truths for Little Hearts.

The life of Jesus is fascinating to kids and adults! In this first volume of Gospel Truths for Little Hearts, we will focus on Jesus’ life, teaching and death for us on the cross. Mark was an eyewitness to these things, and he heard Jesus speak with his own ears. The Gospel is the story of God revealing Himself to us in the person of Jesus and our hope and prayer is that He does the same for you as you study this Gospel volume. The Gospel of Mark forms the foundation for what are our 34 “Ask & Answer” questions. In volumes to come, we will reinforce these questions and their answers in other books of the Bible or themes of Scripture.

Each weekday, this book will serve as your guide as you read, ask and answer, pray, and sing as a family. 

This format will be adaptable for kids of all ages, but it is written with kids preschool through elementary age in mind. This “weekday” format is obviously adaptable. You do not have to do the “Monday” prayer on Monday, etc. There will be weeks where you are able to take part in this family devotional time each night and weeks where you won’t. That’s ok. Stick to a commitment to try to pick back up with 5 nights the next week, and enjoy the process!

It can be challenging to find time when you have a family. Carving time out of your busy schedule will not only help you better manage the stress of family life, it will foster a love for Christ in your children as well. This little book will provide gospel-centered structure, Scripture-based theology, and a memorable format for kids that will build a strong foundation for their faith.


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