Monday, March 25

1 Thessalonians 3:1-5

1 Therefore, when we could no longer stand it, we thought it was better to be left alone in Athens. 2 And we sent Timothy, our brother and God’s coworker in the gospel of Christ, to strengthen and encourage you concerning your faith, 3 so that no one will be shaken by these afflictions. For you yourselves know that we are appointed to this. 4 In fact, when we were with you, we told you in advance that we were going to experience affliction, and as you know, it happened. 5 For this reason, when I could no longer stand it, I also sent him to find out about your faith, fearing that the tempter had tempted you and that our labor might be for nothing.


Once Paul and the apostles learned how the Thessalonians were suffering, they couldn’t stand it any longer and sent someone to find out how they were! No Facebook, email, text, nothing. So, someone had to go find out. What else could Paul do? Send Timothy. Timothy was Paul’s protege. Paul trusted him to go not only gather information but communicate his love for them. Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but go knock on someone’s door. If you love someone, you’ll do whatever it takes to communicate your love to them. 


Father, help me love so much today that I take action. Is there someone I need to go to great lengths today to show them how much they mean to me?


So, who is it? Who has escaped your immediate care so long that today you just need to cancel plans or finally pick up the phone and call? Take action today!

Pick Four More Activities

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  • Listen and Worship.

  • Pray a Psalm.

  • Read a Book.

  • Retell the Gospel to Yourself.

  • Take Some Notes on Today's Devotional.

  • Pray for Yourself, Your Family, Your Church, and the Lost.

  • Memorize a Verse.

  • List Five Things You're Thankful For.

  • Encourage Someb

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