Monday, May 13

Introduction to The Gospel of Mark

Today we begin a summer study of the Gospel of Mark. We will spend today through the end of July in this account of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection. While we use the word “gospel” (lowercase g) as shorthand for the good news of Jesus’s coming kingdom and death on the cross for our sins, the word “Gospel” (capital G) is used to mean one of the four accounts of the story of Jesus’s life in the New Testament (the other 3 being Matthew, Luke, and John). As you spend time this summer in God’s Word, let’s pray for a fresh view of how powerful Jesus really was and is today!

This link from the ESV Study Bible will spell out what Mark’s Gospel is all about. Take time to acclimate yourself to the book today. 


Father, as I read Mark’s account of Jesus’s life this summer, open my eyes to see His power and love in a fresh way. 


How can I remind myself every day as I open this app and read the story of Jesus that every word of it is true? What prayer do I need to consistently pray this summer?

Ben ShounComment