Sunday, August 4

Prayer Kickoff

Our journey as a church through the Book of Acts in 2019 during our 10th year of ministry has been one of my favorite consistent times in God’s Word. For me, there’s nothing like seeing how the first followers of Jesus lived out His calling on their lives. Think about it: many of these men and women were alive while Jesus was on earth and heard Him give clear instruction as to how to carry out His mission. Seeing Him dead and then alive gave them urgency. They lovingly, but aggressively, took His message to the ends of the earth.

This fall we see the rapid advance of the grace of God throughout the world in the second half of the book. I’m asking God to give us the same urgency to fight for victory in our faith both in our individual lives and as we seek to impact our towns!

Through August and September, we will be preaching on Sundays through the most thrilling chapters in the Book of Acts as it relates to the advance of the gospel. We are here today because of what happened then. These men and women refused to settle for believing that the message of Jesus required limited cost or provided limited reward. They found life by giving all to Him. We must fight against our flesh and against the enemy’s plans for our defeat. Jesus has won, and we have victory, so we’re going to carry the fight to what holds us back.

Our goals are too big for us to accomplish alone. I’m convinced the only way we are changed or we impact anyone else is through prayer. We are carrying the fight to our fears, temptations, and complacency. This is a season of powerful change for our church. Many will take big steps toward Jesus. Will you dare to ask God to accomplish this?

Take some time today to pray for yourself and for our church. Simply say this to Him:

Father, I give myself fully to You for these 7 days. I want all You have for me.

Write down answers to these questions:

  1. Has the summer bred spiritual complacency in my life?

  2. Can I honestly say the most important thing to me right now is Jesus and His kingdom?

  3. Have I become willing to compromise in any area of my life?

  4. What sin patterns have been present in me over the last few months? Am I tired of these patterns?

  5. Have I been moving too fast or distracted from what matters most? How can I change this?

Leave time tomorrow to spend 15-20 minutes reading the Bible, planning for the fall, and praying for God’s power to increase in your life!

Ben ShounComment