Monday, August 5

Another New Season

*You’ll benefit most from this week of prayer by having read from the beginning of the week, starting on Sunday August 4. If you haven’t read the entry from that day, take time to do that today before continuing with the reading below.

Read Ephesians 5:15-21

Making the most of our time requires thinking in advance and also being willing to boldly adapt to what comes my way. Have you considered the fall season for your life and/or your family?

  1. What time of day will you most often read your Bible and pray? Will you read the Daily5 or will you use another resource?

2. Are you ready to join or start a Connect Group or Recovery + Support or will you say you’re willing to go it alone?

3. What’s your calendar like? Do your weekends reflect a desire to worship Jesus with your church family or have you already filled them up with travel or other commitments?

4. Will you serve the church family on Sundays? If you’re willing to explore serving on a ministry team, click here

Pray this prayer:

Father, I know life is short and You are worth living for. This fall I want to be renewed in my faith or I want to begin following Jesus for the first time. Help me set priorities to make that possible.

Click this link and listen to this short podcast while you drive today.

Ben ShounComment