Tuesday, August 6


*You’ll benefit most from this week of prayer by having read from the beginning of the week, especially Sunday August 4 and Monday August 5. If you haven’t read the entries from those days, take time to do that today before continuing with the reading below.

Read Genesis 19:1-29

In this account, the Lord is destroying Sodom and Gomorrah because of its wickedness. Lot, Abraham’s nephew, is to be a leader of the people of God, but his heart is connected to his old life. He barely escapes, and his wife doesn’t. He knew there was a better life ahead but because of his sinful desires, he just wasn’t completely sure he was ready to leave his old life behind. Hesitation can be a killer.

In your own life, are there places of hesitation? You know you want more with God, but you just enjoy the old life enough that you’re not sure you’re ready to give it up?

Maybe you could serve someone else at work, or serve at church, or join a connect group this fall, but you’re just not quite sure you’re ready to give up the freedom to do whatever you want whenever you want. We all must be careful not to hesitate.

Vision is the antidote to this. Hesitancy only dies when the future you see is worth it leaving your old life behind. Can you see yourself as a man or woman of prayer? If you have desired to lead in some way in our church, can you see the why behind what you’d do? Dream a big dream for what God wants to do in you and in our church this fall!

Pray this prayer:

Father, I know my tendency to hesitate instead of carrying the fight in my spiritual growth. Increase my vision for what is possible!

Ben ShounComment