Thursday, August 8

Answered Prayer

*You’ll benefit most from this week of prayer by having read from the beginning of the week, especially Sunday August 4 and Monday August 5. If you haven’t read the entries from those days, take time to do that today before continuing with the reading below.

Read James 5:13-18

Have you ever seen an answered prayer? A real answered prayer: a within-minutes or days kind of answered prayer? There’s nothing more motivating to continuing to pray than knowing God hears and responds.

Elijah prayed for no rain, and it stopped. He prayed again, this time for rain, and it rained. Do you have the audacity to pray like that? What is it that if God could answer any prayer on your behalf that you would ask Him for.

Pray that prayer today every time it comes to mind. Ask God to move.

Pray this prayer:

Father, I know You love to hear prayer and to answer. Today I’m standing on Your promises and asking for a specific response.

Take a second and send an email to and our prayer team and staff will pray specifically for your request today.

Ben ShounComment