Friday, August 9

Leadership is Multiplied

*You’ll benefit most from this week of prayer by having read from the beginning of the week, especially Sunday August 4 and Monday August 5. If you haven’t read the entries from those days, take time to do that today before continuing with the reading below.

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

Churches need leaders to help them grow into maturity. Have you ever considered that you are a leader in our church? Your influence impacts people, either for good or possibly for indifference. But, God’s plan for His people is to grow into full maturity.

Ten years into the life of our church, we have a need for more leadership. Not titles or jobs being filled, but leaders. Those who see need and see vision to meet it. Those willing to sacrifice and not just settle for nice church services each Sunday. Those committed not just to their own health but also to helping others take next steps toward Jesus.

Pray this prayer:

Father, grow me into a leader. I want to impact people at church, home, work, school, and everywhere I go for Jesus. Give me courage and faith to hear You call me to more.

Ben ShounComment