Saturday, August 10


*You’ll benefit most from this week of prayer by having read from the beginning of the week, especially Sunday August 4 and Monday August 5. If you haven’t read the entries from those days, take time to do that today before continuing with the reading below.

Mark 8:34-36

Earth is temporary. To have everything here and to not focus on eternity would be foolish. It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to realize that if we believe that people live forever in eternity, we should prioritize later over now. Though there’s nothing wrong with enjoying God’s blessings on earth, we are called to obedience in living for eternity.

This most obvious place we test whether or not we are living for eternity is in how we think about money. Humans naturally look to the resources currently in our possession to provide stability for us both now and in the future. We know, though, that God can give and take away at any time. So, our faith must be in Him for our future, not simply our money.

The best way to demonstrate that we trust God with our future is to give away money today. That’s a black and white statement, but it’s true.

Are you a generous person? When you hear about a need, are you more likely to think about how you can meet it or to try to quickly move on?

God uses our financial gifts to our church to fund ministry. By giving to Arrowhead, you keep our church moving forward in ministries both inside and outside the church. You provide for our facilities, pastors, kids ministry, and much more. We give funds from the church to local ministries and we send missionaries around the world. By giving, you fund so much! Our vision for what we believe God wants to do needs more money, and it always will! He calls us to trust Him for outcomes, and we can always see more than we currently have the resources for.

When we give on earth, we actually gain in eternity. Will you consider either beginning to give to our church or possible to give more? You can learn more about how to do that here.

Ben ShounComment