Our Next Step is stewardship

In the history of Arrowhead Church, we have never gone without supply for any need we sensed the Lord leading us through. He has proved Himself faithful, and far more than faithful, time and time again. It's been our story that we've never had to worry about finances, although we've done our best to stretch the limits of the vision He has put before us. He is a gracious, giving God. 

Money hasn't fallen from the sky, though. Faithful men and women, married and single, young and old, have trusted the Lord with their finances by entrusting them to the mission of Arrowhead Church. Some have given smaller amounts. That's not as important as the sacrifice that has been made. This family of intentional, relational disciples has been faithful to give through the crazy season of the first 7 years of a new church. The impact has been powerful. 

Now, our vision is to reach almost the whole city with the gospel of Jesus.

Those aren't simply grand words, but an actual passion. And, not just this city of Morristown, but other cities, even other nations. Although we're all confident He'll provide for the vision He's entrusted to us, it's time once again for us to get on the same page with our church's finances, and more importantly, our personal finances. 


Current Facility

God has put us here to reach this city - to go to whatever lengths required to see almost all of it respond to the gospel of Jesus. That means we're going to need an aggressive strategy of intentional evangelism. We're going to need to steward our time well. 

We're also going to need to steward our resources well. If we're going to get the gospel to as many people as possible, we need to pay down the debt on our current building so that the generations to come aren't saddled by it. Now that we've settled into our Maple Valley location, we have plenty of space for all of us to engage in relationships and invite more people into our lives, our homes, and our church building. 

Church Planting

Beyond simply praying down debt on a facility, kingdom expansion will require more churches. Read the Book of Acts. As the gospel spread, new churches were formed. Let's be clear: if we're going to reach almost the whole city, it's going to require more churches. These churches must be different from us, but we also can plant our DNA as a church into more in our community. This may take time on the form of intentionally reaching other socioeconomic segments in our town, even other nationalities. 

Local Missions

From the beginning, Arrowhead has been a place that realizes we're blessed to bless others. We know we have an abundance of financial blessing, and we also see dramatic need in our town. In the past, we've given food and gifts, and met needs as the Lord has led. We can continue to help, and we're not going to treat missions like an afterthought. 


Surrounding Towns


We also believe the Almost the Whole City vision isn't just for Morristown. Over 150,000 people live in our region, and although they may have heard the gospel, many aren't freed by the gospel as Acts 13 describes. In the coming months ahead, we're going to be laying out ideas and prayer needs for other Arrowhead church plants and campus extensions in our region. We believe God is calling us to focus on multiplying disciples in our surrounding towns as well. 

The Nations

The purpose of God is global, and the purpose of every church is global. We can affect the word of God around the world in an instant by praying and giving. We also want to go, and we're establishing 2-3 new partnerships through the International Mission Board for more of us to be able to get on foreign soil and see the power of the gospel at work. Within the Almost the Whole City vision is a passion for cities around the world. We'll continue to partner with The Rescue Ministries in The Philippines, as well as to form a partnership with those working among some of the 2 billion people in the world who have never heard of Jesus.