To be a follower of Christ means we've acknowledged there are things we can't do on our own. As a church, we are God's people who depend on Him. Prayer must be at the heart of everything we do. In addition to our time spent in prayer together on Sundays, here are a few ways to engage in the ministry of prayer.


Join the prayer team at the church office entrance on Sundays during either service.


21 Days of Prayer

Fighting Fear with Faith

From January 8-29, we’re participating in 21 days of focused prayer aimed to reorient ourselves in the new year and approach 2017 with boldness. 


For more information about what fasting is and isn’t, here’s a short overview. 


Help articles about spiritual growth

You Cannot Coast Into Christ-likeness by Don Whitney

Christian discipleship is a focused pursuit. This short article helps us understand how to set our sights on it.


Don’t Try to Improve God’s Methods by Ray Ortlund

It’s tempting to think we must be doing something wrong because our emotions about our faith are not what we hope. Ortlund encourages us to trust reliable, timeless practices.


Should Christians Feel Guilty All the Time? by Kevin DeYoung

Feeling like you never do enough and wondering how to balance a passion for growth with the burden of guilt? Read this.

Simple Books about Prayer and Fasting

Reading is an invaluable tool in discovering more about how to pray. Order one of these books and read it through your 21-day experience or in an ongoing way. 


Habits of Grace


Transforming Prayer


God’s Chosen Fast


Have a Prayer Request?

We'd love to know how to pray for you.