Rachel Shrum


I love bringing little disciples into a gospel-centered community!

Rachel grew up in Lafayette, TN and moved to Jefferson City when she began school at Carson-Newman University. Once arriving in Jefferson City, Rachel Began attending Arrowhead as a freshman. She grew to love the church, and began serving on the hospitality, C+YA, and eventually AKids team. After faithfully serving in the church, Rachel was hired in the fall of 2018 as the assistant Family Ministries Director.

Rachel spends much of her time scheduling and coordinating team members to serve on Sundays, planning curriculum for Sunday mornings, and assisting in making sure our little ones have the most fun while learning about Jesus.

One of Rachel’s biggest passions is teaching children about the gospel and bringing families together in an environment where Jesus is the center and focus. “I love bringing little disciples into a gospel-centered community!” She longs for children feel safe and parents feel confident that their child is learning about the gospel. She has a vision to inspire a ministry that encourages children AND parents to talk about Jesus often all while being in community with one another.

Outside of Arrowhead, her time is spent laughing, cooking, traveling, and just being with friends, kiddos, and dogs!

“I am probably singing 95% of the time. OKURRRR”