Recovery + Support

Everyone is Recovering from Something

Arrowhead Church - Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm

Tuesday Nights at 7:30pm


Who is Recovery + Support for?

Recovery + Support is for everyone. This ministry is for anyone who struggle with the effects of sin and would like to walk alongside others who can encourage and grow with them. The words Recovery + Support suggest the presence of addiction, struggle, or even victimization- and this is precisely the point. Every follower of Jesus can progress in spiritual growth through the interaction with principles related to recovery and support in dealing with sin of all forms.

Specifically, Recovery + Support attempts to apply gospel celebration, friendship, and intentionality to those who may identify a struggle with the effects of:

1. Their own personal sin.

All personal sin has consequences. Addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, etc. may manifest as a consequence of false belief or selfish behavior. R+S exists to support those who find themselves in the heat of the battle against all sin, but many involved would identify a struggle with some addiction.

2. Being sinned against.

The sins of others can bring devastating effects on relationships. Abuse in all forms brings memories and brokenness that can have lifelong effects. Abandonment or betrayal can carry a sting that may be comforted by others who have experienced similar circumstances.

3. Living in the shadow of our fallen world.

Disease, divorce, relational strife, death, crisis, or disaster are part of living in our sin-stained world. The effects of the fall aren’t only eternal in that they bring separation from God that can only be remedied by Jesus. They are also earthly and bring pain. Support from others who know the struggle can be vital.


We'd love to see you there.

Tuesdays at 7:30pm

Join us any Tuesday night from 7:30-8:30pm at Arrowhead Church (enter at the Family Entrance). Childcare is available.