Being a Baptist Couldn’t Be Better (in my ministry lifetime)

In this picture it’s as if David Platt is saying: “Seriously, y’all. It’s a good day to be a Baptist.”

Of course he’d never say that simply in light of being elected as President of the IMB. I’d say it too, not simply because of that either, but Platt’s election is a great thing in my opinion. Read the opionion of someone else who knows way more than me here.

Arrowhead is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. There, I said it. We don’t talk about it a lot, not because we’re ashamed of it, but because of the images that come to mind when the average person who does not know Jesus thinks about what it means to be Baptist.

To be clear, I am really proud to be a Baptist. I’m thankful for the churches I’ve served (firstsecond), the one that led me to Christ, the one that taught me to grow in Christ, my education (funded in part by SBC churches), and my experiences with the IMB. I’m thankful for men and women who created a strong denomination, and for those that rescued it from the hands of theological liberals in the 1980s and 90s. And, I’m thankful, really thankful, for what I see going on right now.

What it means to be Baptist isn’t hollerin’. It isn’t choir robes or stances on alcohol. It isn’t anything other than strong evangelical Christian doctrine and missional cooperation. 

These days there is more emphasis on strong doctrine and more emphasis on carrying out the Great Commission. I believe a day is coming when to be Baptist won’t bring to mind those old images. Good leaders set the stage for the right emphases, and I believe the SBC has the right leaders for ministry in our day.

Ben ShounComment