What If I Read 50 Shades of Grey?

On Tuesday, Sara and I recorded and posted this week's podcast - Should Christians Watch 50 Shades of Grey? The response has been positive, and I've been shocked at how hungry everyone I've talked with was for the content. Thanks to everyone who has made a positive comment, and if you're opinion is negative, feel free to pass that on as well!

As I listened to the podcast all the way through, I felt as if the Lord said to me: What do you think those who are listening to this and have already read the book are thinking?

I know He's big enough to sort all of this out and that I can trust Him to lead us all, but I have been thinking about this question since Tuesday afternoon. Basically, Sara and I defined this movie, and thus the book, to be pornography. If you are someone who read the book, and who has publicly acknowledged you did so, I've just defined you as having taken part in pornography.

That makes me squirm a little. Ok, more than a little! Any number of responses could proceed from this, but here's what I've settled on as the best response: I've looked at pornography too.

I don't know if that shocks you. I imagine it's not all that shocking, but still not all that comfortable to think about your pastor as having done so. For that matter, my mom is probably reading this too. Ouch...!

The reason why this response seems fitting to me is that I can't say it was simply ok that you read the book. Hopefully, neither can you. As a matter of fact, I believe it was wrong to have done so. Some read it knowing it wasn't honoring to the Lord and did it anyway. Some read it back then, and since then, the Lord has changed your heart. I've looked at pornography under both of those scenarios.

So, what do we do from here? We thank Jesus for paying for our sin, and we repent and move on. When we repent, we don't go back. That means we don't see the movie, and it means we all walk forward knowing that once we've confessed sin, we are free from it.

Jesus is very kind to free us from sin, and so gracious to empower us to change by giving us the Holy Spirit. This should be the focus of our lives as we make decisions big and small every day.

Ben Shoun2 Comments