How I Discern God's Will

Knowing God’s will. Lots of articles and books have been written about it. Google it and there will be 31,800,000 hits. The zeros are right. This is one person’s way…what I have done over the years to know God’s will. 

When seeking God’s will, I position myself to have humility to be receptive to whatever God wants to reveal. George Mueller wrote in his journal that he prepares himself before God to “have no mind in the matter.” Positioning myself to be submissive to hear from God and to then obey what he reveals helps with hearing from him. Four things have been helpful with discerning God’s will: 

1. The Word of God.

Any sensing of God’s direction must agree with scripture. This is one of the reason we emphasize personal Bible study at Arrowhead. We want people to know God intimately. When we are intimate with Him, this allows him to better reveal himself. The greats in the kingdom model this for us. 

2. Seeking knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

We are to seek these three things from Scripture. Not only from personal study, but God also makes clear to also seek out wise counsel from others who have a close walk with God. 

3. Open doors and closed doors.

I sometimes ask God to make it clear with circumstances for his guidance. This principle can be deceiving. If Satan could promise to give kingdoms to Jesus, that means he has the resources with a lot of good things to deceive us in knowing God’s will. I use this concept when I am so depleted that I cannot discern. I ask God for his will to be done in my life as his will is being done in heaven. I appeal to God’s mercy to make it clear to me and those who are in my life. 

4. A peace that passes understanding (Phil 4:7).

When the Bible does not give direction on certain things (like which car to buy), I ask God for peace about my decisions. I follow George Mueller’s example on this, too. When he sensed God’s leading on a decision, he would ask for a confirmation. When the peace remains, I consider this my green light to proceed.

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