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In October, 2017, Christians celebrated 500 years of protestant reformation.

On October 31, 1517, a German monk challenged the Roman Catholic Church and ignited a reformation of what it meant to be "Christian." Martin Luther's claims - that it is by faith alone, not the works of people, that Jesus saves us - may seem obvious today, but at the time, it was a radical and dangerous idea in the Roman Catholic world. The result? A return to Jesus' life giving message, a Bible available to people in every language, the toppling of church idols, and millions of people who know the freedom of the Gospel. 

On October 29, 2017, we began our new series, "We Protest," as we reflected on half a millennium of protestant Christianity at the 500th anniversary of the reformation. 

A reformation 500 years in the making.


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Digital Reminders


Our teaching series, "We Protest," zooms into five core principles that came out of the reformation - Scripture Alone, Faith Alone, Grace Alone, Jesus Alone, & God's Glory Alone. As we celebrate 500 years of church reformation, here are some digital backgrounds for your devices to help you to pause and remember those five truths. 


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