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We live in a time when everybody loves to talk about what they are against.


Let's be known by what we are for.


We’re One Year In.
How are We Doing?

It’ll be hard, but let’s change the conversation.

We are for Jesus, and Jesus is for people. So we are for people. We’re for the hurting, the hungry, the poor, the powerless, the confused, the lost, and the least. Jesus has compassion, and He has more than enough to overflow His compassion into us.

We’re for the Lakeway and Greeneville area and its families, its friends, and its needs. Need rarely darkens the doors of local churches. We have to go to the need. And, why should we stop at knowing people by their needs? Jesus knows them by their name. How might we all need to change our posture and our position in order to see this become a reality? In this season, we want to deepen Arrowhead’s long-term conviction that Jesus is full of grace and is reaching out to those around us.

Every person matters to Jesus.

So let’s ask Him and follow Him through every next step as He leads us to make friends with those who aren’t at Arrowhead Church. Let’s pray for, go for, and give for people. Every person matters to Jesus, and they matter to us. We need more power for this mission. We need more passion. Our hearts often beat too fast for things that don’t ultimately matter in eternity, while the things that last forever seem dull to us. Let’s ask the Holy Spirit to change this and keep us constantly aware of living for what we’re really for.


Select any of these three options to learn how to join our campaign.

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When we pray, we are calling on Jesus to do far more than we ever could. We become partners with God in transforming our community. 

Prayer Requests

Throughout the week, people submit prayer requests to our church. We invite you to find many of those requests here and to pray over them throughout the week. Our prayer team will update the list every few weeks, so check back often.

Morristown Prayer Room

At Arrowhead Morristown, we now have a room dedicated to prayer. You are welcome to use the room on any Sunday morning and you can also reserve the room throughout the work week. 

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It was Jesus who said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:37). It’s time for us to get our hands dirty and become the Lord’s answer to someone’s prayer. As you hear about a need around you, find a way to help- big or small. In the process, we show others the selfless love that Jesus has for them.

You are the plan to fix the brokenness around us.

See a need?

we'll help you meet it.

Maybe a classroom needs supplies. Maybe your elderly neighbor is having some car problems. Maybe you know of a single, soon-to-be mom who could use some baby clothes and a helping hand. Maybe you know a family who is grieving a loss and needs some support and logistical care.

As you hear about a need around you, find a way to help- big or small - and Arrowhead Church will provide funds to help. We'll resource you to be the answer to the hurting or the under-resourced. Simply use the "Request Funds" button below.

If you'd like to join a work crew to do manual labor or suggest a charity for us to partner with, you can do so using the buttons below.


We're investing $185,000

into local missions

We are a church that exists for the benefit of those who aren’t here yet. Our plan to meet needs in the Lakeway and Greeneville area is us. That means we want to distribute funds to you to step up and show the people around you that you are for them. Over the next three years, Arrowhead Morristown will invest $50,000 into the community annually and Arrowhead Greeneville will invest $35,000. You may have a burden for schools, neighbors, the hungry, the addicted, or anyone who the Holy Spirit opens your eyes to serve. We encourage you to get trained to pray for needs, to get trained to share the gospel, and then to take the For Campaign funds out to the region.

All this will kick off during the campaign but will continue through the years ahead. You are the plan to address brokenness around us.



We remain as committed as ever to the Great Commission of making disciples of all nations. We will continue to send Arrowhead attenders on short-term mission trips, fund our missions partners, and raise up others from the area to go to other cultures for Jesus Christ. This “50x40” goal is a long-term task we are hard at work on, having now sent four people to serve long-term in other nations and other cities in the US (and with two more in process at the time of writing).

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Mission requires resources - some of them, financial. Whether funding our missionary partners throughout the world, new church plants in our region, meeting the needs of people in our community, or the ministry that happens at Arrowhead Church every single day, your sacrificial giving results in more people knowing Jesus.

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Campaign Goals

Morristown Goal: $400,000

Pay down an additional $280,000 toward our debt

Invest $120,000 into the community and missions

Greeneville Goal: $102,000

Pay down an additional $81,600 toward our debt

Invest $20,400 into the community and missions


and Beyond

Planting new churches

Imagine what can happen if we free up more funds for multiplication.

The story of Arrowhead Greeneville began almost three years ago, and now look what God has done! We are committed to planting more churches that can grow healthy and strong for generations to come. Imagine how much more we can multiply now that we have learned lessons in Greeneville, and imagine what can happen as we free up more funds for multiplication. Envision a day when we can say there has been a gospel work in each county around us through no power or ingenuity of our own, but rather through us as a move of the Holy Spirit. This has happened in Greene County, and it can continue to the surrounding region. We are this region. The pain of brokenness through poverty and addiction must move us to love, not judgment. We must open our eyes and our wallets to addressing how to strengthen this place we call home.


Ready to Give?


You can also give in person during a Sunday service or mail a check to Arrowhead Church, PO Box 14004, Morristown, TN 37760